September 05, 2007

Long time it has been

It has been a long time, really long. And I didnt miss not blogging (and not many people missed me not blogging too :) thats and advantage)

Anyways, so I have been busy, Real busy. Not so much actually, there wasnt much that there was to write anyway. So it just went on. THere isn't much to write even now. I am standing somewhere around middle of the road, waiting for things to stabilize, There is a red signal, of course. But it is still a lil way away, So I am waiting for any gaps in the traffic which can let me get to one of the sides of the road. Either forward or backward. It doesnot matter so much. Standing here doesnot matter too much either, just that it is easier to watch the traffic going back from the side of the road than here.

But I know some roads are busier than this one and people standing almost as if waiting to get killed, but yes, they'll all get to a side, sooner or later. If nothing else works out, there is the red light anyway.

i am not trying to be cryptic or anything. But I dun really have much to say, except what is happening.

i have been writing more of mails than anything else these days, and I've been talking a lot on phone. Two things have changed since I came to bangalore, one that I talk much more on phone now, than I did earlier, and second that I remember roads and directions. It was not so easy to do that earlier, now I can do that much more easily.

Some time some other time, I've some stories in mind, but I've told them to people and I feel stale about them, so wouldnt probably say them here.
Some other time.
Did I say that I've understood what doors were about. I always wondered what was so special abt the damn gang, but I understood something sometime back
I was reading the stranger', albert Camaus. Not complete yet, it makes me want to learn french to read the original version.
Some other time, now, I havent got much to say today