February 28, 2007


I just went to soundpedia.com
And I also, on suggestion of a friend go to pandora.

soundpedia, I found much better today,may be some other day i'd find pandora better.
It felt good to rediscover songs I had heard long back and which remained in memories.

It all came true when today, my office people decided to shift me and my cabin-mate to some other room where priyanka got a winxp pc. I still have my solaris, in case i didn't mention.

This is cool, to be able to listen to songs while typing this shit. Long time since I did it. Atleast abt a month and a half.

I like soundpedia probably because it lets u choose what song u want to hear.
I know I like the radio surprise thing (yes I know pandora has some genome mapping BS, but its ok).

I DONT WANT TO GO HOME. 9.30 last bus. I am sleepy. Why does office have to be so far from home. I chose it that way.

Don't Analyse Don't Analyse. Long time.

February 27, 2007

Gaseous State

Confusion is a very confusing topic to talk about so i'll try not confuse in here, but if it somehow not possible to achieve, try not to be confused. or may be being confused is the greatest thing.

I am confused about a lot of things. I am confused about what the purpose of life is, I am confused about how a poem should be written, i am confused abt what should I talk to a person that i`ve been dying to talk to, about astrology, about philosophy, about my views about any subject, about suggestions that i should give when people expect them, abt the CORRECT way of doing things, nd i m confused abt the existence of that correct way.

But confusions have developed a kind of hit a rythm with me. I see a lot of big people trying to confuse there way out of things. I like that and I used to think I could do that too, but now i am confused abt that.

But there is one thing that I am not confused about at all, or may be almost at all. Confusions help in solving the problems that fundamentalism brings in. I mean confusion is in gaseous state. Any thing can come in and mix with it. There is room for all. I somehow like my confusion, or atleast i m confused abt whther i should like my confusion or not.

Sometime back I used to think straighter, I used to give advices. I still do that sometimes, but most other times, i am in gaseous state. U can trap the smoke in a jug but does it mean anything, I am sorry to those who expected me to suggest solutions. But I really don't know the solution. (I know, those people have learnt not to expect the solutions from me now).

I am confused about what I am doing. And what I should be doing. I am confused about if I should like my work because liking the work makes the work easy or should I do the work that I like.
I am really confused about if I'd not stop liking the work that I like now. Where does this all end. Or does it not.

I am confused about how some people are not confused. How some people can think straight, have goals when everything else is so confusing. Aims and goals and ambitions don't come from gaseous state (I think), but how is something better than the other. (Yes I know, somethings are downright better than some others, but mostly its all confusing)

Astrology is a science of future telling. I am confused about how can it work. I am confused about if I should believe it or not. I don't usually or atleast try not to. There is a lot that is in gaseous state. Science itself. Religion. my life, future and past. I.

Confused Poet


Well I am confused about a lot of things. Once long ago i set out to write abt the confusions, but the problem was that i thought before writing abt what i am going to write, If u understand what i mean, it spoils the whole thing. Its always the case, whenever I have to give a prepared talk or a rewrite something that I had earlier written or thought, I am so much in love with the original version that I just cannot get myself from trying to copy it and since I can't remember exact words, I spoil the whole thing. it becomes wierd


I used to write lot of poems. Mostly stupid, others rhymingly stupid. But I liked some of them and I tore most of them. But when i liked the ones that i had lost earlier, i tried to rewrite those and then same phenomena, it was nothing like it was.

I don't understand a few things. Paintings top the list. Poems come somewhere nearby. Some of the stuff is good and it makes some people cry nd all, but all the rhyming stuff, its crazy why people wud do it if they are not having fun, i mean serious poets. The poems, if i may call them so, that i wrote were just desperate search for the next rhyming word. I know some people who'd do it just for the fun of it. I know others who'd do it so that it sounds good. But i don't understand why would someone do it because it is supposed to be!

My problem is not actually with poems which rhyme as may have appeared in the previous few sentences. My problem is that some people write poems which do not rhyme at all. Now how is one supposed to distuingish between such poems and prose I mean if I wrote something like:

There was one a rider
A rider who used to ride

Ride because he had a bike
Bike because he had the money
Money because he had a rich dad

So, if i have to write a poem, if I start every sentence with a CAP and make sure that I hit the enter button before the end of the line, it makes a poem! or will i have to rhyme it too.

I know this post is a lot of shit. But I didn't ask u to read it either. There is a lot of shit that is going to follow this shit. I am thinking of starting to write poems. Or atleast stories. Or may be just some shit.

February 15, 2007

Who the hell watches TV

That's what i used to think about a month back in college, 'who the hell watches tv' (except ofcourse, the cricket matches or fifa world cup). I mean all that u'd see on tv was some newsclip about certain person stuck in a certain pit, and watch it over and over again for days together with characters and situations changed, or ofcourse u could watch some star plus. But who the hell watches tv, if he's got some sense of responsibility towards his time and is not remotely interested in either of the above two genre of tv shows

Yes about a month after a month back, i got the answer, its me!

I really don't know what I watch most of times. I come back from office abt 8-9, with some 30-40 pages to read, (yes, I am serious towards my work), and i switch on tv after dinner and boom, its 12.00, nd time to sleep.

Well there that was the other question that I was wondering about till sometime back, who the hell sleeps before 3. yes u got the answer