December 01, 2005

Sometimes you just don't feel like sleeping

Its been a long time since I wrote in this space. Infact its really been a long time since I ever wrote anything at all. So this one evening when I had finished my exams before most people in batch, and when it was really getting depressing not being able to find my old form back in stick-cricket, and when also I did not feel like sleeping even though it is soon going to be six, I decided that this is the time that i should do this.

Hmm i don't know what kind of first paragraph you write for a blog but if you found it frustating enough, my job's done

Moving back in time, this time I want to speak about the semester that has gone. This semester has been one of a kind and really different from all preceding it, and technically is not yet over as I am still to submit my animation assignments and that hurts. Not that it hurts to do the aninmation thing but it is actually that right now, only thing I really want to do is go home and i am going to stay here in college for next 8 days for just this one reason.

Its hard to think about anything in particular that happened in last 6 months, except ofcourse that right now I am more confused than ever. Just about 10 days ago, I had almost decided what I wanted to do with my life, but once again life takes a full circle back to confusion. I really don't understand how people really can decide to do what they want to do for the rest of their lives. I mean no harm, infact now i respect those who really know what they want to do, even if it is robbing other people for the rest of their, with guns or with ties and suits.

As far as I go, I can't really imagine myself doing something for the rest of my life. It just so happens with everything till date, that whatever I have seen and done makes me feel more and more convinced that I don't really want to do them. that those things really don't have a lot of meaning in the real sense.

Its really crazy, and I don't know if it happens with everyone but everytime I see a new thing, I really want to do it and when i get on with doing it, its either some or other things that constraint me, or it simply is that I see no meaning in doing it. i want to talk. talk to people who

... THIS was written on 30th Nov
... I decided to stop writing after this for some reason I don't remember, but just today when I got back to my blogger, I decided to post this

May 24, 2005


To tell the truth I am posting just for sake of it. I meanthere is absolutely nothing happening here. I mean yes we got a projectand all and almost started working. But then just routine things, gettingup (fuck! 7.30 who the hell ever got up that time, Its like sun is sobloody hesitant to come out at that time), taking a bath (yes daily andsometimes twice, I am telling you this mumbai is spoiling me), gettingready, breakfast, bus ride and office. And office is just similarbullshit, except that I can now fullfill my long standing dream of havingcoffee while wrking on a pc. And yeah phonecalls. Nobody call me yaar.

Right now reading a book called Doctors, Erich Segal. No phenomenal work but good reading it. I somehow think this guys watches a lot of Hindimovies. I mean there is Ation, there is drama, emotions, comedy, villains,heros, heroines, and last but most definitely not least romance. But more often than not that guy helps me out to understand the things inside myself that I don't realize.

Its good here. I mean like you go back and there's nothing you've gotto do (ofcourse there is no time too so you couldn't do anything even ifhad wanted to). And have dinner which like sometimes does not suck (butfree mein kuch bhi chalega). And to it there is a place called Godzilla ke ande. Yeah probably Som named that spot which was shaped like egg and all and that's the gathering point for most of the guys. ANd yesterday theplace was intruded by girls and you know what happens , Thankfully I didn't stay there.

So this place is basically a great realization of greater life beyond. But its not that bad for sure, I mean unless you probably marry your wife and your wife's at home waiting, its not that bad to sit in air condition and listen to songs. Yeah I know its worse if you are married and your wife is actually not waitng and things but anyways.
And just in case you are not married, this place is no place to actually look around at all. Yeah I told you about the opposite wing in the last post, but that'sprobably the only wing which is attractive. I plan to spend some more time there today (relax guys, just got to meet my mentor).

May 21, 2005

Just got to DAKC

That day of May when I landed in Mumbai all set to start intro with my 'going to be' life, I had no idea what was ahead of me to reach Lodhiwali Township. Yeah that's the place we have our arrangements for stay and all and the place is rightly name 'Patalganga'. The journey to Lodhivali was sure full of adventure and variety. I hadto make use of a local train, 4-5 buses and a little (or rather a little long) walk in sun with two heavy baggs and an auto(which still needed to be paid 100 buks). Anyways and soon I was in a real place of dreams, away from all problems of city pollution, humidity, crowd, shops, computers and yes: girls. Shit man this place is really like away from everything one wud associate with visiting mumbai (yeah I hvn't seen her even once). And living is irritating too. Its like 4 in an apartment. But I've got allgud guys wid me so ain't much prob there: parit, rohit prasad and adityasharma. Food is unlimited in dinner so I am planning to start going jogging and all from tommorrow (ok make that monday ;) hmm)

There is a bus ride of an hour to get there. And DAKC is a nice extravagant place. I mean posh types buildings mostly useless construction and they've got a real useless building (now I am going to classified info) where we work. They've got like hundreds of people working mostly to make RWorld applicaions and all. Why am I talking all this shit. Anyways so the gud part is that I've got a PC and a phone. Tough luck Ihave to share the phone wid VJ and that means I rarely get to touch thephone. But I m pretty excited abt my LCD screen monitor. If someday lifecalls for me to buy a PC I'll make sure I get this kind of monitor.The fud courts are like real cool. The fud ain't though.

But I m cool and there is not a lot to do. These chairs and all are so comfortable that I exactly know why people get jammed and all working in places like this, I mean for like half an hour, I haven't moved anything but my fingers. Guess I'll finally have to get up and do something in the morning or I'd really not be able to move and all by the end of two months.

Recent news, if you've really gathered enough courage to reach this point,is that orkut has been blocked here today. Probably there were real too many hits. Bad part is that I cudn't get on it.

Well and I forgot to tell you this everyone here sits in similar cabins and all and they have all same facilities manager and everyone. Except the partiality that the wing opposite to ours on our floor has real coolpeople (you know what I mean) and i really mean it. There are all sorts avalaible there all you need is to look : cute, s**y, gudluks, h***y(no hvn't tried, but they luk like).

Almost nobody works here most of time. Guys keep playing AOE and stuff andlike crazy. Gud parts of day are ofcourse coffee and going to the oppositewing ;)

So Life's just going and I thought this is gud time to start blogging and so I did. Luks like lots more adventure to come.