March 01, 2007

The little molecule -1

The entropy of an isolated system not in equilibrium will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum value at equilibrium.The entropy of an isolated system not in equilibrium will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum value at equilibrium.
(Ref: wikipedia, what else)

Once upon a time there was a molecule. People say it was hydrogen. Some may say Helium, nobody actually knows. But all believe that it was there and most believe it was Hydrogen. It was not alone ofcourse, it was with lots of others. The molecule used to fly about in the open spaces and just fly. One day while the molecule was flying, it was somewhere over the earth when Oxygens cam along. They said that the molecule was selfish to be roaming around about so freely when there was so much of trouble in the world. They said that they were life givers and that the Hydrogens can help in giving life too. The molecule said, that it was happy the way he is. Oxygens went away calling him selfish and other names.

Some weeks later (Here, it would be good to point out that the weeks that we are talking about are not the weeks as they are now, no they do not represent the time taken by sun to go around the earth 7 times. However, the details of the time-system will be too tedious for reader to understand and me to explain), so I was saying that some weeks later while the molecule was flying over a similar area, he suddenly thought that may be there was some truth in what the oxygen was saying. For a moment, he felt ashamed of being so selfish. He then started looking for oxygen and when he found some oxygens around, he asked if he still could be of some help. He was told that since he had been so late, he would have to get another friend of his, ofcourse another hydrogen friend, and the oxygens will send one of their molecules to show them the way.

It finally happened. Millions of hydrogens had this change of mind, but they were still confused about what they are supposed to do. They formed groups with oxygens. And floated in sky till one day they started turning dark brown, and then one day, without warning, oxygens told the hydrogens that they were going to turn into liquid. Before our little molecule could ask what liquid meant, he knew what it was. There were thousands of huge houses, and in each of those, there were millions and more than that molecules of oxygen and hydrogen. And all these houses were falling down. Down and down on earth.

The little molecule, was crushed in a corner of this house. If Einstien knew about this molecule, he would say that it was condensed. But it was not so simple as Einstien thought it to be. The molecule, little molecule which was flying and flying all in the open space was suddenly put into these houses. It was sad. a very sad state. It was the liquid state

But it was for good. The molecule was not being selfish now. He had no choice now anyway.

To be continued


Suman said...

Can't wait for you to continue...seems like you were inspired by Rash's comment on the previous post..

ispeaker said...


yes have to accept that's true.

But I don't know what to continue this with. I didn't know where I was going with the story, so I just went the easy way of saying it was the first part ;)

But I too want to know where this goes.

Suman said...

I was curious to know if the hydrogen found out it has choice, of going ahead being unselfish and on to solid state or it resigned to its liquid state or even better found a reason and way to get back to gaseous state..Unselfishness in itself can be fulfilling only temporarily, once the euphoria of the well intented act of kindness fades into memory it feels hollow if you haven't had the heart in the act in the first place..Or else it needs continuous series acts of kindness so you always move from one euphoria to another.

ispeaker said...


I wanted to say

" Who the hell are you! I didn't even think of all this and this way."

I would say

" Do you want to finish this thing?"

Do u have a webpage? It'd be nice to read from you

Suman said...

For the first,

"Did that rattle? Not intended to do so".

For the second,

"No, I can only think of fairytalish finish obvious from the scenes I already penned and none suits and it will rob it of the creative value"

Not yet..I am still considering if I have things to say without someone initiating or provoking...Will surely let you know if I get around to having one..It will be fun to have you opine..

Spai said...


I have a blog now, like I said here is the info