March 27, 2008

Of Paint and poster

There are paints, there are papers, there are brushes and there are posters.

Some make paints, some papers, some grow trees for papers, some cut wood for brushes, some make posters and a lot of others do a lot other things
Some make sure that the posters are made and Some others sell those posters.

March 22, 2008

What turns things on and off

A lot of times it is hard to see why something are right and others not so. Why something that you see to be complete and perfectly true, is opposed by people who think completely opposite. I was reading a roommate's story recently (he plans to publish a book sometime, and I think he should), he used a very interesting phrase, "asymmetry in relationships". I know this has nothing to do with the first two lines of this text, but somewhere there is a relationship. one side is asymmetry is a very frustrating thing. And second is that the first two lines of this text start to hold good for all that stands when the assymetry comes into picture.

March 10, 2008

COming out of Hibernation

When asked why he would like to go to the moon, Niel Armstrong replied "it will be a small step for a man, but a great leap for the mankind". When asked if he would ever like to go to Mars too, he said, if mankind takes too many leaps, it'll be tired too soon. The best way to loose fat is to run at a slower pace for longer time. (Yes, am finally going to gym in morning more or less regularly). And mankind needs to loose the weight of all the people and ideas that people have, crap that people have built, loads of fats to loose. So he said, he didn't really want to go to Mars. Asked if he was sure, mankind with all that fat be able to take the leap when he takes that step on moon, He said with his good old grin, No I am not really sure, but I hope so. I am doing so much as to take small step, cant mankind just get up and take a leap, once in a while, I am even ready to sacrifice going to Mars, if the mankind leaps just once.

There were many questions in our interviewers mind, but Armstrong was very strong on his arms and he was in a hurry, so the interview could not really go on very long.

The rest is history, he used the same line when he took the step. unfortunately mankind was too unkind to take even a small step with him, forget the leaps. If there was any leap at all, it was the hearts of armstrong and his kind which were leaping heaps and bounds. Mankind is still sitting hard growing fatter everyday.

There is a lot to be said about such things, but I would only say that Armstrong and his strong arm were sorry that they did not let our interviewer ask some more questions, as he might've had more lines to deliver.

But then there is no point complaining after its all happened. Am working these days, in bits and pieces, very small bits and very small pieces. For ex. today morning I come to office at 8.45, in gym till 10.10, selecting songs for the gym CD that I am planning to make till 12.20, opened some sites and lunch followed by TT till 2.30, and that followed by the suggestion of looking for some free download for FIFA 08, and some more songs for the gym CD, and finally at 5.30 start something on that verilog thing, I am supposed to be doing for last 3 weeks or something. At 6.05 I feel like opening orkut, and then blogger, and its 6.30 now!!!
In few minutes, my dear colleague would come to ask me to come for snacks, and I would gladly oblige, and then by 7, I would come back and 8/8.30 I would leave. Will reach home arnd 9.00. Being out of home for abt 13 hours, in office premise for abt 12 hours! And this is some great amount of work!
its not as if it is an off day today, its been like this for sometime, quite sometime.

Anyway, my friends celebrated my birthday, on my birthday. Celebrated 2-3 birthdays since, and called few people last week, two of them had their birthday. One recieved my call, other couldnt.

Life is long and not that bad. Not that great either. As long as there are movies like JA coming along, life's definitely not great, not at all. Thank God that movies aint like songs which can be played on radios and stuff like that in public places, otherwise some of these movies would kill you if they are played as frequently as Radio Mirchi played Doorie when the album was first released. I used to like the song then.

I will post the list of songs on the CD that I am currently making for gym. I dun have a huge collection to pick from is one problem. I hope it turns out good as this is one project I have started on my own in a long time.

Was stuck in a traffic one day, and there was a truck in front of me, and it moved abt 10 inches, and it made way for my bike and millions of bike behind me to move atleast 50 m. I was reminded of Mr Armstrong.

Our interviewer GJ, had some more questions which he found the answers to himself. He was seriously confused abt how a small step for a man can be giant leap for the mankind. He came up with many explainations, the best by far was a man stepping into a pothole, which went through the earth and he falling and falling for a long time, and when he came out of the other side, mankind had taken a giant leap. Only doubt in his mind was about how Mr Armstrong was going to find such a pot hole to fall through. There were other explanations on his mind with something to do with a man and his horse and horse shit and all.

Currently Playing my gym playlist, does it look like I am too fascinated with the idea of this CD? Well maybe, who knows. who knows anything anyway.