March 20, 2007

The little molecule-2

When I was younger, I hated stories which ended with "To be Continued" phrase.
Continued from The little molecule -1

A long time had passed. The molecule was crushed somewhere in a small corner of the huge house. He decided this was not what he wanted. But what could he do. It was not like older days when he could just fly out of anywhere. He had no space to move. he tried to talk, but he couldn't hear himself talking. all he heard was noise. lots of noise.
There began his journey which went on for long ages. He tried to keep track of time that passed. He couldn't. In that small corner, he had begun to fit well, so well that he believed, that was all where he could fit. Sometimes when noise was lower, he would talk to the other hydrogen molecule and with their leader oxygen. Sometimes he would hate them. Then he would miss the times when he could fly by where he wanted. Sometimes he would remember that the actual purpose of this all was giving someone life. He tried to ask oxygen who it was that he was helping. Oxygen always told him, it was for a much greater reason than he could ever think of. It was not that oxygen didn't want to tell him. Even he was always told just this much. Once when he was younger, he had tried to ask what this was all about. He found that he could not find anyone who knew anymore than he did. Slowly the questions died.
The molecule had been through much. He had gotten out of his house. That was the time the three of them talked. And then he had found himself back in some other house. The oxygen tried to explain to him what was happening, but he always used strange words ending with 'tion' which molecule could not make sense of and after sometime, he gave up.
The molecule started wondering if there could be someway, neway he could go back to be the way he was. Sometimes he thought that he would just quit and go away. He wanted to live for a real cause. The reason why he had decided to join the Oxygens, but he could not see what this was all about. There was no reason for him to stay there anymore. He wanted to be free.
Then one night, when everyone was sleeping he had tried to runaway. But he could not getway. He couldn't break the bond with the oxygen and the other hydrogen. He had been with them for so long and he felt he could not do anything alone either. He had probably also forgotten how to fly. But he forced his way out but he had to take the other hydrogen with him. Something must have helped him escape, but he didn't realize. He was just happy to be out. They went far away in the sky. Free at last, or were they?

The Oxygen molecule woke up to find himself together with so many other Oxygen molecules and one of them in his own room, and there were no hydrogens. The other oxygen molecule informed him that he was going to be with him for sometime. And they flew away too. Everyone was flying. Everybody was happy for sometime. Nobody knew how it had happened. Hydrogens thought they knew, but were not sure. Some claimed the knowledge of devine hand of God. Some others were not sure. And most others had no idea, and so believed in the devine theory. Those who weren't sure, thought that it was their hard work because of which this had happened. Some amongst them were not sure about this either. They took a safe stand and said, it was possible only because of their hardwork, but it would not have been possible without the devine help. At various points various some or the other of them changed their, what we would call, school of thought. Some created newere versions which meant nothing much more substantial, but they liked to be the molecules starting a new school of thought. And there were so many of them that almost always they found molecules which followed them.

So they were about floating in the air. Oxygens still had work to do. They were getting orders from different source, about which absolutely nobody among them knew. But they were not very sad and definitely were not missing the hydrogens and they didn't need to live in the clumsy houses anymore. For sometime atleast. But they met different molecules at different times. Some more hydrogens, there were others, carbons and others about which they had not heard before.

The little hydrogen molecule did not believe much in any of the theories that hydrogens were making about their freedom. And he felt lost. There were sometimes when he wanted to belong to some group, but he found it wierd to believe in something that everyone only belived in, without any knowledge of truth or false attached to it.

The little hydrogen had always been little. He never grew. None other hydrogens grew either, but most of them would change their behaviour at certain time and start talking in thick voices. They were called elders, little hydrogen was as old as some of the elders but he was little still. Sometimes he wanted to be one of the elders. Most other times he did not.

But once again, the little molecule was worried about what he could or would do. He was serving some purpose till sometime back. He remembered the series of events that had happened. They did not seem so tough a journey as it had then. He didn't remember the long periods of silences that he had as they were. He only remembered that they were their. He remembered some conversations but. And he remembered sometimes when he had had real fun. He remembered some mistakes that he did and somethings which he would make right, if he was to go back in time. But if, someone asked him if he wanted to go back. He'd say no. It was over. It was long back. He then believed in the thoughts of that oxygens believed in too. But he did not believe it now. He still wanted to do something, something good, only that he did not know what it was.

Time passed, lots of time. And then one day, he found himself trapped among thousands of other hydrogen atoms. They said, they were going to do great things. They said, its no use to live your life and have not done anything for anyone else. They sounded like oxygens, but they were more determined. Much more. So much that he thought that he wanted to join them. And they read his thought. They were fast, very fast. they were not elders, but they wanted to be elders, very fast. They read his thought and told him that all his life he had wanted to do something. And this was his big chance. This was the thing, he probably was made for. This was the one thing that was the reason, he was looking for, all his life. What were they going to do, he asked them.

They said, just wait and watch. Actually most of them did not know what it was themselves. They said just wait and watch because others had told them to just wait and watch. But they said it confidently, just like it had been told to them and the little molecule, in all his confusion, somehow believed them. And went with them.

They went on for a long time. They sang songs of praise for themselves and their cause. Nobody asked what the cause was. Those who did ask, did recieve replies. Just wait and watch. That's what everyone said. They mentioned sun sometimes. Sometimes someone said something like energy. But mostly everyone said just wait and watch. The little molecule found himself going towards the earth once again. Just wait and watch, they said. Some asked him too, about what this was all about. He said, just wait and watch, not as confidently as he had been told, but enough to convince the molecule that asked that he should just wait and watch and tell everyone who asks him to just wait and watch.

Somebody said something about sacrificing for a great cause. The little molecule did not know what sacrificing meant, ofcourse he had no chance of knowing what the great cause was. But since everyone around him was so convinced, he felt good about what he was going to do. And then it happened. Very suddenly. It became very hot and boom, there was a large noise. The little molecule didn't know what had happened. The little molecule did not know where he was. Something had happened. They had said, it was for good. The little molecule hoped so. He didn't know and it didn't matter. Sacrifice, yes it was. He did not know what it meant. Something good must have happened. It didn't matter. Things don't matter at all after a certain instant.

Not to be continued.

March 05, 2007

One flew over cukoo's nest

not a movie review

I am not exactly the kind of person who could review a movie and tell you which actors were brilliant and who disappointed and all of that, I can tell that by instinct but not by authority.

And neway, that was not the intention at all. i saw this movie day before yesterday evening and i have been waiting to come to my computer on monday to write this piece. I didn't talk much about the movie with anyone so that the thought doesn't become stale and all.

"Why the hell would somebody make a movie like this" was my first reaction. Answer came next, to display the novelty and depth of the idea. I mean people can do anything to display what they've got in their head, if they have enough food in their stomach to have such ideas in head and if they have access to resources to put it out of their head in stories and movies. Now did the maker think about how many people he was going to depress or nearly depress by this movie. Or did he relish this thought with some x-class of sense of humour. (I wonder how people manage to remember and distinguish so many different classes and kinds of humours, slapstick, cheeck and bone, don't ask me all the names, I don't even know the meanings. Sarcastic is easy to distinguish though. It is a lot like music probably. I can almost always tell what Jazz is, but then when it comes to alternative, indie and tons of others, I leave it to maniacs)

Yes, it was a beautiful movie. A really good concept. A really deserving depressing finish. And yes good performances by the actors too !!( If my saying so means anything )

Just all this talk about artists fooling around with people, depressing them, suddenly took me to another thought which I haven't told you about yet. The same day morning, I had thought of writing a story. I work of fiction. It came to my mind in a flash. And I told a friend of mine. And if I say it was depressing, it really was. And it was funny in a particular kind of sense of humour(one of those kinds, something close to saddistic sense of humour). And I was so damn tempted to write that, although it was not a very great idea. And this film maker had such a great story to tell. It had to be told probably. Its ok people got depressed. Sometimes they should.

I am not depressed, not yet

March 01, 2007

The little molecule -1

The entropy of an isolated system not in equilibrium will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum value at equilibrium.The entropy of an isolated system not in equilibrium will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum value at equilibrium.
(Ref: wikipedia, what else)

Once upon a time there was a molecule. People say it was hydrogen. Some may say Helium, nobody actually knows. But all believe that it was there and most believe it was Hydrogen. It was not alone ofcourse, it was with lots of others. The molecule used to fly about in the open spaces and just fly. One day while the molecule was flying, it was somewhere over the earth when Oxygens cam along. They said that the molecule was selfish to be roaming around about so freely when there was so much of trouble in the world. They said that they were life givers and that the Hydrogens can help in giving life too. The molecule said, that it was happy the way he is. Oxygens went away calling him selfish and other names.

Some weeks later (Here, it would be good to point out that the weeks that we are talking about are not the weeks as they are now, no they do not represent the time taken by sun to go around the earth 7 times. However, the details of the time-system will be too tedious for reader to understand and me to explain), so I was saying that some weeks later while the molecule was flying over a similar area, he suddenly thought that may be there was some truth in what the oxygen was saying. For a moment, he felt ashamed of being so selfish. He then started looking for oxygen and when he found some oxygens around, he asked if he still could be of some help. He was told that since he had been so late, he would have to get another friend of his, ofcourse another hydrogen friend, and the oxygens will send one of their molecules to show them the way.

It finally happened. Millions of hydrogens had this change of mind, but they were still confused about what they are supposed to do. They formed groups with oxygens. And floated in sky till one day they started turning dark brown, and then one day, without warning, oxygens told the hydrogens that they were going to turn into liquid. Before our little molecule could ask what liquid meant, he knew what it was. There were thousands of huge houses, and in each of those, there were millions and more than that molecules of oxygen and hydrogen. And all these houses were falling down. Down and down on earth.

The little molecule, was crushed in a corner of this house. If Einstien knew about this molecule, he would say that it was condensed. But it was not so simple as Einstien thought it to be. The molecule, little molecule which was flying and flying all in the open space was suddenly put into these houses. It was sad. a very sad state. It was the liquid state

But it was for good. The molecule was not being selfish now. He had no choice now anyway.

To be continued