December 13, 2007

Where shall we lie then, when its all done

The primary question still stands, what in the hell are we doing here. Is there something that we really want to do or are we just playing and acting all the time. What the fuck is wrong with me. WHy am I running behind things that I so much know matter nothing better than nothing. Why do people cease to exist. Does it really matter to anyone what we do, May be it does. May be its all big bullshit.

I believe if we all believe in science we should all quickly turn Buddha's way of renunciation, give it all up. What the hell, if we are all nothing but sweet random coincidences, then thats the way to go. What the hell did Buddha think he was doing when he gathered people to tell them what the path to life was. Was he anything like really enlightened or was he simply putting everyone who listened into the same path to finally realize that there is nothing to be known. Or may be better, he just thought that his life time wasn't enuf to make the Gods tell us the truth, so he set thousand others to get something out of God. Did anyone here see the Halo!!

Life is a continous kind of process. Tons of things we think really matter, matter none. Tons of other things we dont think matter, matter none too. And another ton of things which we are confucsed about, may really matter none too. Why do we punish ourselves caring about things that practically and logically dont matter. If nothing really matters, then what on earth do we do while we are on earth. While I write this, I think back to the bike I have recently fallen in love with. And all the logics in my head seem to be in favour of the desire to get it. So when I say, it doesn't really matter, it doesnt matter if I get the bike or not. But when I say nothing really matters then what should I be doing around here. I believe that its ok. Nothing else matters too much, so while you are here, do whatever u want to and its ok. Yes, whatever you want to. Its ok. Moral stuff is biggest BS. Jails and stuff are bigger BS. Ya probably not, we are leaving relatively peacefully because of jails, but are we? We cant really answer that question without really closing the jails.

But morals and all are BS. AIDS is real. you got to take care, if you dun want to close down the vaccation around here. If you think you didnt really choose the right travel and tours company for this vaccation, you can try AIDS, or there are tons of other ways, I need no mention them just here.

Wonder about what you are doing. Wonder again, why. Wonder again what do you think is the cause of the answer of your why. And try to peel the skins of the onions. You may really get some insight. Probably thas what Buddha did.

If you do, do let me know. Till then shall we wonder about where shall we lie, when its all done. I think the answer is 'in the next room'.