March 05, 2007

One flew over cukoo's nest

not a movie review

I am not exactly the kind of person who could review a movie and tell you which actors were brilliant and who disappointed and all of that, I can tell that by instinct but not by authority.

And neway, that was not the intention at all. i saw this movie day before yesterday evening and i have been waiting to come to my computer on monday to write this piece. I didn't talk much about the movie with anyone so that the thought doesn't become stale and all.

"Why the hell would somebody make a movie like this" was my first reaction. Answer came next, to display the novelty and depth of the idea. I mean people can do anything to display what they've got in their head, if they have enough food in their stomach to have such ideas in head and if they have access to resources to put it out of their head in stories and movies. Now did the maker think about how many people he was going to depress or nearly depress by this movie. Or did he relish this thought with some x-class of sense of humour. (I wonder how people manage to remember and distinguish so many different classes and kinds of humours, slapstick, cheeck and bone, don't ask me all the names, I don't even know the meanings. Sarcastic is easy to distinguish though. It is a lot like music probably. I can almost always tell what Jazz is, but then when it comes to alternative, indie and tons of others, I leave it to maniacs)

Yes, it was a beautiful movie. A really good concept. A really deserving depressing finish. And yes good performances by the actors too !!( If my saying so means anything )

Just all this talk about artists fooling around with people, depressing them, suddenly took me to another thought which I haven't told you about yet. The same day morning, I had thought of writing a story. I work of fiction. It came to my mind in a flash. And I told a friend of mine. And if I say it was depressing, it really was. And it was funny in a particular kind of sense of humour(one of those kinds, something close to saddistic sense of humour). And I was so damn tempted to write that, although it was not a very great idea. And this film maker had such a great story to tell. It had to be told probably. Its ok people got depressed. Sometimes they should.

I am not depressed, not yet


AmiDA said...

a film is supposed to transport you into a space and time and a set of emotions... if it does that, to me it's a great movie :)
i haven't seen this one, but i am tempted to after reading your comments on it... depression or no depression :)

rash said...

what a coincidence dear??
i was planning to watch the same movie on saturday....after reading your views, i can't wait to watch the movie....

Priyanka said...

"I come here, mostly when I have nothing else to do. I like writing here, but I m too lazy."

I believe u visit this place even if u r lazy and have lots of other things to do!!

ispeaker said...

@amida, rash
people would remain people. if i say its depressing, it enhances the market value of the movie!

Yes sometimes you surprise yourself. Or may be it is time to change that line.