April 17, 2008

Waynad Trip - I

I should have posted this sometime ago, but its never really too late. So here I present to you my version of the my office Waynad Trip. For all those who still have the same level of knowledge about the place called Wayad as I had about a month back, this is a place in Kerala. No back waters there, its in North kerala and mainly a hill station kind of a pace near Calicut. So why is a Boring, Office trip to a relatively unknown land worth coming up on the blog, u got to read to really find out.

2 April, Wednesday

The best thing about the trip before the trip began was that the trip was going to be on weekdays! So no weekends getting wasted in some crap team building. The problem is that I didnt really know so many people who were going. And there were many (23 to be exact) of varying shapes and sizes and covering a range of expected expiry dates, if you know what I mean. Anyway, lets not get into all those morose details, we will fast forward to the bus journey. The first good surprise was the bus. It was with AC and TV and Video. The first bad surprise would come in night, when we realize what AC Bus without a blanket could mean at night. We played 'Jab We Met' loudly on the video before everyone was allowed to sleep, thanks to a large shout to prevent a requested screening of the blockbuster 'Race'. It must really have busted some blocks. Crap! Thanks whoever it was who prevented the screening.

3rd April Thursday

We woke up to find ourselves frozen in middle of tea-estates. And we were told we had reached the resort where we were going to live for the next day and a half. It took a 20 min, good old Jeep ride, to wake us up completely and also make us reach the resort (which was on a hill) from the main road. After we reached it was already around 6:30 and we were issued with orders from the top management to be for the breakfast in about an hour. Ofcourse, people explored the beds, played cricket, tried their hands at some crazy complicated controls for showers and waited for others before everybody came down to the breakfast area by about 9 or was it 9.30
The funny thing about waiting for people in a group is that almost everybody ends up waiting for atleast somebody. And almost everybody has someone to shout at ;) [if that is in the rules, of course].

So whatever, we reached the place from where we were to start the treck at about 10:30 and when we started the trek, I knew what this was going to be. Another usual walk around the trees (tea estate in this case) which people believe to be treks. Good treks are all in Garhwal and all. So the walk around the tea estate started off on a decent note with some of the people dropping out. But suddenly the guide broke through the estate and started going the elavated way. What! This was not what I expected. Anyway, it should not last too long. So we kept on climbing for sometime. And we knew this wasnt going to be easy. Should have gone to the gym more often.

This is an old post which I stopped writing to come back and finish. But never got around to finishing. What happened was that the peaks kept coming one after the other. And at one time you could only see one peak. It was funny and frustrating at the same time. And it felt like a great achievement when we actually reached the top. I will upload the pics once. It was great picture wise too :)

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