January 27, 2011

Starting something new

There was a time when I would write to bring things out of me. But that time seems lost. When I write now, I have to make an effort to think of things to write.

I have tried to write down promises to myself, hoping that I will fulfil them if I write them down. But thats not really true.

In fact, the more I write about it, the more it fills me with a false sense of achievement without really doing anything, if you know what I mean.

So, although I started to write this down to document the start of something. I'd rather not. Lets just keep it with me and with those who care about my dream as their own.

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MySteRy-IoUs said...

Yu know smthng... My desktop is full of Post-its ... n it keeps on irritating me that m not doing it, but when yu make a list and when yu achieve it and tick it as DONE, yu really feel PRoud of urself ... Atleast I toa feel ... ;)