May 24, 2005


To tell the truth I am posting just for sake of it. I meanthere is absolutely nothing happening here. I mean yes we got a projectand all and almost started working. But then just routine things, gettingup (fuck! 7.30 who the hell ever got up that time, Its like sun is sobloody hesitant to come out at that time), taking a bath (yes daily andsometimes twice, I am telling you this mumbai is spoiling me), gettingready, breakfast, bus ride and office. And office is just similarbullshit, except that I can now fullfill my long standing dream of havingcoffee while wrking on a pc. And yeah phonecalls. Nobody call me yaar.

Right now reading a book called Doctors, Erich Segal. No phenomenal work but good reading it. I somehow think this guys watches a lot of Hindimovies. I mean there is Ation, there is drama, emotions, comedy, villains,heros, heroines, and last but most definitely not least romance. But more often than not that guy helps me out to understand the things inside myself that I don't realize.

Its good here. I mean like you go back and there's nothing you've gotto do (ofcourse there is no time too so you couldn't do anything even ifhad wanted to). And have dinner which like sometimes does not suck (butfree mein kuch bhi chalega). And to it there is a place called Godzilla ke ande. Yeah probably Som named that spot which was shaped like egg and all and that's the gathering point for most of the guys. ANd yesterday theplace was intruded by girls and you know what happens , Thankfully I didn't stay there.

So this place is basically a great realization of greater life beyond. But its not that bad for sure, I mean unless you probably marry your wife and your wife's at home waiting, its not that bad to sit in air condition and listen to songs. Yeah I know its worse if you are married and your wife is actually not waitng and things but anyways.
And just in case you are not married, this place is no place to actually look around at all. Yeah I told you about the opposite wing in the last post, but that'sprobably the only wing which is attractive. I plan to spend some more time there today (relax guys, just got to meet my mentor).


aki said...

well gaurav..seems like u've already tasted a bit of office-life. ur posts remind me of dilbert! keep it going dude and do tell us more about ur trips to the opposite wing....

veikiin said...

nice posts dude..u got a nack for writing .try a book sometime. keep giving details abt the "opposite wing"..!!

Anonymous said...

Nice readin your blog Gaurav.
u know the way u write.. its like a mellowed, obviously way more pleasant version of Caulfield talking.
way to go!!