February 28, 2007


I just went to soundpedia.com
And I also, on suggestion of a friend go to pandora.

soundpedia, I found much better today,may be some other day i'd find pandora better.
It felt good to rediscover songs I had heard long back and which remained in memories.

It all came true when today, my office people decided to shift me and my cabin-mate to some other room where priyanka got a winxp pc. I still have my solaris, in case i didn't mention.

This is cool, to be able to listen to songs while typing this shit. Long time since I did it. Atleast abt a month and a half.

I like soundpedia probably because it lets u choose what song u want to hear.
I know I like the radio surprise thing (yes I know pandora has some genome mapping BS, but its ok).

I DONT WANT TO GO HOME. 9.30 last bus. I am sleepy. Why does office have to be so far from home. I chose it that way.

Don't Analyse Don't Analyse. Long time.

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Ujj said...

Im jealous.
music in workplace has been my dream since I was born..