October 31, 2007

There is a lot to say

There is a lot to say about a lot of things that are happening to and around me. I somehow feel uninterested in writing abt the coolest things around me or the office or things like that. I always switch to autobiographical mode whenever I start writing a blog.

Anyway, I guess, we'll just have to bear with this for the time being. In the last few months, I have been tested to limits of my patience and I have found the limits to be extended. I conclude that when faced with helplessness, somehow the PQ (Patience quotient) increases itself.

I think I understand the way people work. I only think I do, because I really have no idea how I, myself, work. But that is also partly coz, I still havent stopped thinking myself to be special in someway. I know I should have done that long back.

I was talking to so many people at once, and there were so many turbulances, that suddenly, I started to stop speaking. There was nothing I could say to anyway, except repeat myself. And questions irritate me, coz the person knows the answer as well as I do, that if there was something worth telling, I would have said myself.

But then probably thats how we work. When trying to fish out something to talk about, the question comes back to 'aur batao kya chal raha hai' and I took to the response, that if you knew what I was doing 6 months back, nothing much has changed.

Well things have changed recently, and I am in a new company and all. Whats up in future, is not known yet. The uncertainities of the present need the vision for the future to be solved. But I wish I could solve the vision problem by arbitrarily choosing from the uncertainities of present. I dun know if that is possible.

Well, then life goes on. I laugh at questions that I have no answer to, coz i somehow believe that they will answer themselves in future. But I also understand that it may not be. That somehow, i would have to answer those.
But would the answer i choose really matter?
Wudnt life keep going with its goods and bads, as it is.
We will really have to wait and watch. All of us make spectacular spectators, and spectacular action at the same time. And we'll all be looking at what happened in the life of people who chose certain things and all. Will we come to the same conclusion as the donkey named Benjamin (Animal Farm)? And if we do, will we have the courage to say it.

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