November 02, 2007

I thought i wouldn't miss it all too much

I really thought I wouldnt miss college too much, and I didnt miss it for a long time. All the time I have been in Bangalore (about 10 months)

When I first went to a boarding school (class 8th), I never missed my home for the first three years. Not that i liked my school too much, but there wasn't too much to miss, except ofcourse that home was a place you could lie down and not do anything for months. It was only after class 10th probably that I started to miss home and people at home. Somehow, things became more real than they were in earlier.

When I came to college, I never for once missed school. And I don't really miss it all too much even now.

And I thought same pattern would follow for college too. But sadly that doesn't look like the case. Everything was fine till now, but just looking at this damn photo gallery on the college website, makes me damn nervous and sad. Bloody hell. I dont know what it was. I can not really quantify. I guess I really miss some time spent and I would really give things up to go back.

Thats only something we say I guess. Given the chance that I leave my work to go to college. Probably not. The last time I went back to college, i remember feeling so much out of place. I guess its only the memories that you can keep. Or atleast is the case with me. Unless one gives me back my room, and the other rooms I was more frequently found in and the people in there, I dont think there is a lot to go back to. I know I am nostalgic about the buildings and stuff too. But I know the relationships which I cherish in my nostalgia do not exsist so much anymore. I guess I dont even know too many people there. I never did know too many. But I guess the count has reduced even further.

I'll just sign off with a few pics, probably for the first time on this blog.

Foodcorts and labs, where probably I spent most of my college life.


Vaibhav said...

When all is gone u have nostalgia to hold on to... and a lot of times it makes the past look better than what it really was... I think the reason I missed college is because of the assurance... everyone had thr fixed roles... predictable... nothing drastic really happened... now out of college... u deal with new people... people whom u cant predict ... encounter situations u didnt know cud exist... some people enjoy change... I thought I did... am not so sure anymore... saw our movie again.. :)... which reminds me it was way easier to make friends in college than out if it... I guess it was easier to trust people... Miss learning gujju from makkad :D

AmiDA said...

i agree... college will never be the same again with the context gone - with the people gone..