November 05, 2007

Two things

Two things struck me today. I'll go in reverse cronological order.

We have this training thing going on in full swing in Mindtree. Now that this is essentially the fourth week started, it is getting way too much, but so is life. And I end up answering most of the questions depending upon the need to raise hand and so on. So we had this session on Lateral thinking where the person talking was mainly concerned about our inability to think at all, rather than going into lateral thinking at all.

What struck me was that all this life I was thinking about having a Ctrl-Z in life where you could undo so many things that I guess many of us want to. But during a certain discussion about pressing a rewind button, I thought thats not what I want at all. I would be once again deciding amongst choices that I have no idea which one to choose. I think, now, that I would rather prefer a look-ahead button in life. Like those crazy softwares for chess have. If I move this, what is the logical sequence and so on.

But I think we do have that, we have that in form of some experienced people, or our own ability to think about the consequences. Then probably, we also have the idea of depth in those chess software, how many moves deep can you go. I have been living large parts of my life like a chess software, however, due to the lack of depth or experience, there have been troubles at all times.

We also had a algo session sometime back. And I was thinking that I simply cant apply a backtracking algorithm, which is best option if you do not have look ahead stuff. So probably the best way to go about this thing would be greedy algorithm, which for a layman, like me, means that you choose the best option available at every step.

The second thing which struck me was the radio playing in the office bus (which is a tempo traveller, incedentally, and very pretty one for that). If I was given a computer with all the songs and the mouse and 20 minutes for music. I would want to listen to so many songs that all I would be doing will be juggling sons every twenty seconds, or lesser. But I was listening helplessly to the radio, and it was infact playing good songs, really good for that matter, except the advertisement breaks. And I wondered if that was a better way to go about it. Forget the ipod and get myself a good radio? And life??

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kirti said...

some good thinkin goin on here ..... :)