February 15, 2007

Who the hell watches TV

That's what i used to think about a month back in college, 'who the hell watches tv' (except ofcourse, the cricket matches or fifa world cup). I mean all that u'd see on tv was some newsclip about certain person stuck in a certain pit, and watch it over and over again for days together with characters and situations changed, or ofcourse u could watch some star plus. But who the hell watches tv, if he's got some sense of responsibility towards his time and is not remotely interested in either of the above two genre of tv shows

Yes about a month after a month back, i got the answer, its me!

I really don't know what I watch most of times. I come back from office abt 8-9, with some 30-40 pages to read, (yes, I am serious towards my work), and i switch on tv after dinner and boom, its 12.00, nd time to sleep.

Well there that was the other question that I was wondering about till sometime back, who the hell sleeps before 3. yes u got the answer

1 comment:

Harsh said...

dude.. u getting the feel of real corporate life!