February 27, 2007

Gaseous State

Confusion is a very confusing topic to talk about so i'll try not confuse in here, but if it somehow not possible to achieve, try not to be confused. or may be being confused is the greatest thing.

I am confused about a lot of things. I am confused about what the purpose of life is, I am confused about how a poem should be written, i am confused abt what should I talk to a person that i`ve been dying to talk to, about astrology, about philosophy, about my views about any subject, about suggestions that i should give when people expect them, abt the CORRECT way of doing things, nd i m confused abt the existence of that correct way.

But confusions have developed a kind of hit a rythm with me. I see a lot of big people trying to confuse there way out of things. I like that and I used to think I could do that too, but now i am confused abt that.

But there is one thing that I am not confused about at all, or may be almost at all. Confusions help in solving the problems that fundamentalism brings in. I mean confusion is in gaseous state. Any thing can come in and mix with it. There is room for all. I somehow like my confusion, or atleast i m confused abt whther i should like my confusion or not.

Sometime back I used to think straighter, I used to give advices. I still do that sometimes, but most other times, i am in gaseous state. U can trap the smoke in a jug but does it mean anything, I am sorry to those who expected me to suggest solutions. But I really don't know the solution. (I know, those people have learnt not to expect the solutions from me now).

I am confused about what I am doing. And what I should be doing. I am confused about if I should like my work because liking the work makes the work easy or should I do the work that I like.
I am really confused about if I'd not stop liking the work that I like now. Where does this all end. Or does it not.

I am confused about how some people are not confused. How some people can think straight, have goals when everything else is so confusing. Aims and goals and ambitions don't come from gaseous state (I think), but how is something better than the other. (Yes I know, somethings are downright better than some others, but mostly its all confusing)

Astrology is a science of future telling. I am confused about how can it work. I am confused about if I should believe it or not. I don't usually or atleast try not to. There is a lot that is in gaseous state. Science itself. Religion. my life, future and past. I.


rash said...

why do think confusion is bad?? or it is wrong to be in state of confusion.....there is nothing wrong in it. I think confusion gives us too many options to explore, to think and to study. By the end of the day, what has to happen, will happen. Doesn't matter if you were confused or clear headed, you get the results.....

And it takes lots of practice and experience to think staright and clear. Those who do so, must have learnt from their life.....and you still have lot of time to discover and learn from life.......

for the time being enjoy this state of confuion......

ispeaker said...


No dear, it doesn't work this way. confusion cannot be sorted out. It is the final thing.

Nobody knows anything clearly. anything at all. Atleast I like to think so. And people are probably just pretending or are unaware.

At the end, after all the boiling, all that remains is just Gaseous State.

And I DONT THINK its bad

rash said...

can't agree that confusion cannot be sorted out....if it can't then how would the conclusion arrive??

i am just tryn to relate it with your metaphor of "Gaseous State". There is a state which follows the gaseous state i.e. condensation and that helps in drawing conclusions.