February 27, 2007

Confused Poet


Well I am confused about a lot of things. Once long ago i set out to write abt the confusions, but the problem was that i thought before writing abt what i am going to write, If u understand what i mean, it spoils the whole thing. Its always the case, whenever I have to give a prepared talk or a rewrite something that I had earlier written or thought, I am so much in love with the original version that I just cannot get myself from trying to copy it and since I can't remember exact words, I spoil the whole thing. it becomes wierd


I used to write lot of poems. Mostly stupid, others rhymingly stupid. But I liked some of them and I tore most of them. But when i liked the ones that i had lost earlier, i tried to rewrite those and then same phenomena, it was nothing like it was.

I don't understand a few things. Paintings top the list. Poems come somewhere nearby. Some of the stuff is good and it makes some people cry nd all, but all the rhyming stuff, its crazy why people wud do it if they are not having fun, i mean serious poets. The poems, if i may call them so, that i wrote were just desperate search for the next rhyming word. I know some people who'd do it just for the fun of it. I know others who'd do it so that it sounds good. But i don't understand why would someone do it because it is supposed to be!

My problem is not actually with poems which rhyme as may have appeared in the previous few sentences. My problem is that some people write poems which do not rhyme at all. Now how is one supposed to distuingish between such poems and prose I mean if I wrote something like:

There was one a rider
A rider who used to ride

Ride because he had a bike
Bike because he had the money
Money because he had a rich dad

So, if i have to write a poem, if I start every sentence with a CAP and make sure that I hit the enter button before the end of the line, it makes a poem! or will i have to rhyme it too.

I know this post is a lot of shit. But I didn't ask u to read it either. There is a lot of shit that is going to follow this shit. I am thinking of starting to write poems. Or atleast stories. Or may be just some shit.


tasneem said...

Hey Gaurav,

Though you look down on your earlier poems, like the one about the rider, -
I find that it was good, -it was straight, no frills - and it created more meaning, bedause of the string of associations that moved naturally from linre to line, - and in the end you clearly stated an opinion.


ispeaker said...


Hey, sometimes it just happens that somethings are a lil clearer than others. These are probably only momentarily.

Thanks for coming by, I'd love to read from you actually.